Hot 8 Brass Band

Hot 8 Brass Band Live at Sweet Lorraine’s


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The Hot 8 Brass Band live at New Orleans’ famous jazz club, Sweet Lorraine’s. This digital download features 9 live tracks. All proceeds are being donated to a fund set up for late Dinerral Shaver’s son D.J.

1. Hot 8 Got Fiya (7:00)
2. Dr. Rackle (The Fine Tuner) (8:21)
3. Roll to the Calliope (7:54)
4. Kickin’ It Live (7:20)
5. Word On The Street (7:13)
6. Do It Fluid (6:59)
7. Crackhouse (7:12)
8. That Old Rugged Cross (3:52)
Bonus Track – University Soundcheck 9. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (5:00) Bonus Track – University Soundcheck, 1/1/06 Secondline Drum Track


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